Schiff rejects Cohen bid for help delaying prison term

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is signaling he has no intention of helping Michael Cohen's quest to delay his upcoming three-year prison sentence after attorneys for President Donald Trump's former fixer informed lawmakers he had just gained access to troves of new records and could provide even more information to investigators.

Trump furious over Schiff hires

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has hired officials with experience at the National Security Council to help with his panel's oversight of President Donald Trump's administration, according to a committee aide.

Schiff: 'Desperate' Manafort 'willing to try anything, do anything'

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff responded Monday to special counsel Robert Mueller's latest allegations against Paul Manafort, saying the former Trump campaign chairman's alleged attempts to shape potential witnesses' testimony were "desperate" and a sign he is "willing to try anything, do anything."

White House: GOP lawmakers meeting Justice officials Thursday

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy will meet with senior Justice Department, FBI and intelligence officials on Thursday about the lawmakers' document request related to a confidential intelligence source.

Schiff: We're working with FBI to redact Democratic memo

The House Intelligence Committee's top Democrat said Wednesday he's working with the FBI to try to minimize the number of redactions to the Democratic rebuttal to the GOP's intelligence memo alleging FBI abuses of its surveillance authority.

House Intel Committee unanimously votes to release Dems memo

The House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously Monday evening to make public the Democratic memo rebutting GOP allegations that the FBI abused surveillance laws, the committee's top Democrat said, a move that will put the issue back on President Donald Trump's desk this week.

Schiff: Kelly should give Trump 'a time out'

Hours off of receiving a second Twitter attack from President Donald Trump, California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said White House chief of staff John Kelly should put the President in "time out."

Schiff: GOP, Nunes blocking key witnesses

Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Thursday that Republicans are blocking dozens of witnesses from being interviewed in the Russia probe, including some who were aware of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting where Donald Trump Jr. was promised dirt on the Clinton campaign.