Wisconsin BBB asks residents to look out for "grandparent scams"

Scammers may pose as a family member who is in an emergency situation

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau is asking residents to be on the lookout for "grandparent scams." These scams, also called emergency scams, prey on grandparents by posing as a family member in need. Scammers send a call,…

How to avoid back-to-school shopping scams for tech supplies

Wisconsin Consumer Protection says many shoppers are getting duped by clickbait scams online by sharing sensitive payment information for products that don't exist.

When it comes to things like laptops, tablets, headphones, and other gadgets, Consumer Protection encourages you to stick to retailers and avoid places like Facebook marketplace or Craiglist.

How to stay safe when holiday shopping

With the increase in e-commerce, comes an increase in thieves and hackers trying to scam people out of their money.

With the pandemic, many local in-person events, such as popup holiday markets or craft fairs, have moved online.

Sicilians have limbs smashed in insurance scam, police say

Sicilian gangs persuaded drug addicts, alcoholics and people with mental health issues to have their limbs broken and then staged fake car accidents to get hundreds of thousands of euros as insurance payouts, according to police, who have broken up the scam.

Experts warn of NCAA ticket, product scams

BBB: Ask questions about products, use credit card for insurance

As the Wisconsin men's basketball team heads to the Final Four, consumer experts want fans to be cautious when buying tickets or even spirit gear.