Trump privately clashed with G7 leaders over reinviting Putin

A sharp and sometimes bitter disagreement broke out between President Donald Trump and several G7 leaders over whether to allow Russia back into their club during a welcome dinner on Saturday, according to two diplomatic officials and a senior US official with knowledge of the exchange.

Putin: Novichok suspects are not criminals

Two suspects named by UK authorities over the poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter are not criminals, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday.

GRU: Attack dog of Russian intelligence

The storyline's straight out of a spy thriller: two men allegedly dispatched from Moscow to eliminate a defector in a quiet English city -- but leaving traces of their movements everywhere to be painstakingly recreated by the intrepid British police.

Trump's intel chief still doesn't 'fully understand' Putin meeting

It has been more than two weeks since President Donald Trump met one-on-one with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, but Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats admitted Thursday that he is still does not know the details of what was said during the sit-down.

Republicans: Putin 'not welcome' on Capitol Hill

Russian President Vladimir Putin may have secured an invitation from President Donald Trump to visit the US, but he will not receive a similar offer from White House allies on Capitol Hill, according to Republican congressional leaders.

At RNC meeting, no one is sweating Trump-Putin summit

If President Donald Trump sparked a widespread backlash over his news conference beside Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland on Monday, one wouldn't have known it from the buoyant tone among Republican Party officials this week.

Russia shows off new weapons after Trump summit

As European leaders grappled with the fallout from the Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin summit Thursday, Russian authorities took the opportunity to show off some of the new weaponry Putin boasted in March would render NATO defenses "completely useless."

Putin critic says he's a dead man if US hands him over

Bill Browder, an American-born financier who's a prominent critic of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, said Thursday that he wants President Donald Trump to know that turning him over to Russia would amount to a death sentence.

Senate votes 98-0 to reject Putin proposal

On the fourth chaotic day of fallout from President Donald Trump's hugely consequential remarks regarding the US relationship to Russia, Congress did something rare: it took unified action.

US spy chief says he doesn't know what happened in Trump-Putin meeting

President Donald Trump's top intelligence official, Dan Coats, said he had no idea what Trump told Russian President Vladimir Putin in their meeting in Helsinki on Monday, a session Coats said Trump did not seek his advice on or he would have suggested the President do it "a different way." He also appeared blindsided when he was told the White House is in discussions about inviting Putin to Washington in the fall.