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'Though the Earth Gives Way' — Q&A with author Mark S. Johnson

This apocalyptic cautionary tale about climate change is the first novel for the Pulitzer Prizing-winning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter.

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Mark S. Johnson's new book, Though the Earth Gives Way, is a cautionary novel about climate change.

Remembering Bob Royko: 'Everyone should have such a brother'

The longtime Madisonian died in January nearly 25 years after his famous sibling, Mike. Doug Moe pays tribute to them both.

Longtime Madisonian Bob Royko would have lived a full and admirable life even if he didn’t have a famous brother — which he did. It’s how I met him.

Madison man Evan Hill wins Pulitzer Prize

West High School graduate now works at the New York Times

“When I was in [Cairo's] Tahrir Square in 2011 is still probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. But catching a Russian war plane in the act of bombing a hospital is right up there,” Evan Hill says.

Ronan Farrow and NBC News: What happened?

Ronan Farrow was working for NBC News when he began investigating Harvey Weinstein. But his bombshell reporting ended up at The New Yorker instead. What happened? It's always been something of a mystery.