How to make your N95 mask last

The packaging says single use, but following these guidelines can extend the lifetime of your mask

MADISON, Wis.-- Free N95 masks are now available at most Madison-area pharmacies. Hy-Vee, Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart, as well as a handful of smaller chains, all have them in…

Sarah Sanders to receive Secret Service protection

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is expected to receive Secret Service protection as soon as Wednesday, two sources familiar with the decision tell CNN, but they did not specify how long it will last.

Lawmakers to consider rent-to-own budget plan

Plan would exempt businesses from consumer protection laws

The Legislature's finance committee is set to decide whether to exempt rent-to-own stores from Wisconsin's consumer protection laws.

State reps oppose part of dairy support plan

Production cap element of act could penalize farmers, delegation says

Five of the eight members of Wisconsin's congressional delegation are expressing their opposition to a plan that could limit milk production in the state.

State: Most metal resale shop scales accurate

Dept. finds 99-percent accuracy rate

State consumer protection officials surveyed nearly 130 scales used by Wisconsin precious metal buyers and found they were accurate most of the time or had errors in the seller's favor.

State warns business, government about scam

Business and city government officers around the state have received fake invoices for a "telecom maintenance agreement," and state officials are warning other businesses about the practice.