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Justin Amash on what his GOP colleagues say behind closed doors

Newly independent Rep. Justin Amash, the only congressional Republican to have publicly argued that President Donald Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct, told CNN that high-level party officials have thanked him behind closed doors for his stance on impeachment proceedings against Trump.

What to watch for as Supreme Court term ends

In its final couple of days of the term, the Supreme Court will consider two of the most politically charged cases of the term and issue opinions that will give the public the first full glimpse of the impact of the newly solidified conservative majority.

Democrats woo Iowa party activists as race kicks off

Nearly every Democrat vying to take on President Donald Trump in 2020 made their pitch to Iowa's most plugged-in Democrats on Sunday, looking to set themselves apart from the sprawling field of candidates in the midst of a swirling carnival of activists and campaign volunteers.

In reboot, Koch network launches new PACs

The sprawling conservative network affiliated with billionaire Charles Koch is launching four new political action committees and plans to wade into upcoming state and congressional primaries to back incumbent politicians who side with Koch and his allies on trade, immigration and other issues.

Lawmakers emerge from Iran threat briefing split along partisan lines

Debate over the threat posed by Iran took on a partisan hue after Trump administration officials briefed lawmakers Tuesday, with Democrats charging that the White House is blowing normal threat levels out of proportion and Republicans insisting that deterrence, not war, is the goal.

Top Republicans push back on Trump's national security moves

A growing number of Republicans are openly scoffing at President Donald Trump's handling of national security issues, with the Senate's number two Republican bashing Trump's criticism on Wednesday of the heads of the US intelligence community ahead of a vote on a measure disapproving Trump's Middle East policy.

Historians: Howard Schultz could re-elect Donald Trump

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is thinking about running for president on an independent ticket. Even though he has been a lifelong Democrat, Schultz now insists that the party has become too radical. During an interview with "60 Minutes," he said he is considering running a campaign as a "centrist independent, outside of the two-party system."

MAGA hat, campaign rhetoric cast cloud over Trump Iraq visit

By injecting a heavy dose of campaign-style rhetoric and partisan optics into this week's holiday visit with troops in Iraq -- his first trip to a war zone since taking office -- President Donald Trump has once again proved he has no problem blurring the lines between politics and his relationship with the US military, according to military experts and a top Democratic lawmaker.

Former UK Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown dies at 77

Paddy Ashdown, the former leader of Britain's Liberal Democrats and former United Nations high representative for Bosnia, died Saturday evening after struggling with a short illness, according to a tweet from the Liberal Democrats' verified Twitter account. He was 77.

Supreme Court to discuss partisan gerrymandering

The Supreme Court is scheduled to return to a deeply divisive issue on Friday when the justices meet behind closed doors to discuss an issue left unresolved last term: when do states go too far in drawing district lines for partisan gain?

Strangest political parties

Democrats, Republicans...most everyone has heard of these political parties. But some are not as well known. Take a look at a list of these strange (but real!) political parties.