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California governor rejects PG&E's plan

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has rejected the bankruptcy reorganization plan proposed by utility giant Pacific Gas and Electric, saying that the proposal would not result in a "company positioned to provide safe, reliable and affordable service to its customers."

California utility PG&E to pay $13.5B

California utility giant Pacific Gas and Electric has agreed to pay $13.5 billion to individuals affected by several recent fires in the state, the company announced Friday night.

California governor says state could take over PG&E

The state of California could take over Pacific Gas and Electric if the utility company does not pull itself out of bankruptcy by the middle of next year, California Governor Gavin Newsom said in a news conference Friday.

PG&E asks frustrated customers not to target its employees

As California utility Pacific Gas and Electric continues to face criticism for multiple planned power shutoffs that left thousands of customers in the dark last month, the company is asking the public not to take their frustration out on PG&E employees.

PG&E CEO apologizes: 'The buck stops with me'

Pacific Gas & Electric CEO Bill Johnson has issued a public mea culpa after a very bad week in which employees of California's largest utility have been cursed at and attacked, its vehicles fired upon and offices egged.