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McCarthy faces speaker race tumult

MADISON, Wis. — When new legislators are sworn into the new Congress on Tuesday, they will also have to pick a new speaker to lead them since Republicans regained…

Trump blames Ryan for not getting border wall funding

President Donald Trump blamed former House Speaker Paul Ryan for not getting funding for the wall, saying in an interview with The Daily Caller that Ryan assured him congressional Republicans would get the money when the President agreed not to veto the omnibus spending bill last year.

Trump won't sign current funding bill

A holiday government shutdown appeared more likely on Thursday after President Donald Trump informed House Republicans he would refuse to accept a stop-gap measure -- already passed by the Senate -- that doesn't include funds for his long-promised border wall.

Ryan reflects on 'great and lasting difference' in farewell address to Congress

Outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that under his watch, the US House of Representatives "made a great and lasting difference in the trajectory of this country" in his farewell address at the Library of Congress, a final capstone in a series of events marking his departure after more than two decades on Capitol Hill.

Beards making comeback in politics

Politics tends to be the realm of the clean shaven, but as America has grown more lax about facial hair, scruff has become more acceptable in Washington too.

House Republicans move to gut resolution on war in Yemen

The Senate opened debate Wednesday on a bill to restrict US military involvement in Saudi-led war in Yemen, a dramatic move reflecting deep bipartisan anger over the Trump administration's handling of relations with Saudi Arabia.

GOP downplays Trump's week of drama

President Donald Trump may be facing one of the toughest weeks of his presidency, but on Capitol Hill, the avalanche of news also forced Republicans into a familiar posture -- dodging, weaving and downplaying -- as the party braces for the midterm elections and hopes the president's drama won't dog them at the polls.

Ryan's super PAC spends millions in attack ads

A super PAC aligned with House Speaker Paul Ryan is opening a new front to lash a range of Democratic candidates in the final sleepy days of summer, part of a newly aggressive strategy to save the Republican Party's House majority -- at serious risk of flipping this fall.

House Speaker Paul Ryan advocates for more Russia sanctions

House Speaker Paul Ryan railed against Russia for interfering in American elections, saying Tuesday that he's "more than happy" to consider additional sanctions against the country following last week's indictment of Russian agents who allegedly hacked Democratic email accounts and servers.

Paul Ryan: 'New tariffs are not the solution'

House Speaker Paul Ryan said the tariffs President Donald Trump imposed "risk having jobs being moved overseas and we risk a decline in American influence" during a speech at the Economic Club of Washington on Thursday.

Dem running for Paul Ryan's seat has arrest history

A Democrat from Wisconsin running to replace House Speaker Paul Ryan in Congress was arrested and pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated in 1998, in addition to eight other arrests, according to documents obtained by CNN.