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Trump's pick for acting Pentagon chief soothes GOP concerns

Republicans expressed relief on Tuesday when President Donald Trump announced Mark Esper, who currently serves as Secretary of the Army, would be the new acting Secretary of Defense after the dramatic implosion of Patrick Shanahan's nomination.

Trump says Shanahan withdraws as defense secretary nominee

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has "decided not to go forward with his confirmation process." Shanahan's withdrawal was announced shortly after the Washington Post published a report detailing a violent incident in 2011 in which his son attacked his own mother with a baseball bat.

Shanahan issues memos on 'apolitical nature' of military

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan issued two internal memos to all Department of Defense personnel, service members and civilian employees Tuesday calling on Pentagon leaders to "reinforce the apolitical nature" of the US military, according to copies obtained by CNN.

Shanahan appears to break with Trump over Saudi, UAE arms sales

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan said Tuesday that he prefers to always "follow the process" for approval when it comes to foreign arms sales, comments that appear to put him at odds with the Trump administration's decision to declare an emergency to expedite arms sales to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

US Air Force halts Turkish F-35 pilot training amid Russia dispute

The US Air Force has pulled 26 Turkish military personnel from its F-35 fighter jet training program due to "safety" concerns stemming from the ongoing dispute over Turkey's push to buy both American stealth aircraft and a Russian missile defense system, according to a defense official directly familiar with the matter.

Shanahan approves punishments over Niger ambush after long delay

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has approved the decision to discipline at least eight military officers over their role in the October 2017 Niger ambush that left four American soldiers dead and sparked a debate about the role of US troops in Africa after a Green Beret-led team found itself under attack by some 100 ISIS-linked fighters, according to two US officials familiar.

Lawmakers slam Trump's pick for defense secretary

The senior Democrat and Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee criticized acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan over a new policy which they say seeks to limit congressional oversight of the Pentagon.

Trump's acting defense secretary called F-35 fighter jet program 'f----d up'

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told investigators from the Pentagon's Office of the Inspector General that he called the F-35 fighter jet program "f----d up," but made clear that he wasn't referring to the aircraft itself, which he said was "awesome," according to a Department of Defense report released Thursday.

Shanahan opens new review into 2017 Niger ambush

The Pentagon announced Thursday that acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan "has initiated a new, narrowly-scoped review into the Niger incident" that resulted in the death of four Americans in October 2017, according to a statement from Department of Defense spokesman Tom Crosson.

Trump's acting defense secretary under ethics probe over Boeing ties

An investigation has been launched to determine whether acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan violated ethics rules by promoting products made by his former employer, Boeing, while serving in his current role at the Pentagon, the Defense Department's inspector general announced Wednesday.

Acting defense secretary fires a weapon at the border

While visiting troops on the US-Mexico border Saturday morning, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Joseph Dunford tried out some of US Customs and Border Protection's "less lethal" devices.

Acting defense secretary visits the US southern border

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan landed in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday where he will visit troops on the border and sites where the Department of Homeland Security has requested Pentagon assistance to combat drug smuggling.