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Making the most of leisure time in your backyard.

Landscaping is Key to Finalizing Your Dream Home During the height of summer, it’s more apparent than ever that a home’s yard is just as important as any bedroom or kitchen. Being outdoors boosts your mood and spirits and can…

Home Improvement

Beautifying your Home from the Inside to the Outside

Kitchens Worth the Investment A gorgeous new kitchen redesign can dramatically boost your home’s property value. Whether you want to attract prospective buyers or you’re just looking to increase your home’s importance to you personally — truly transforming the kitchen…

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Loving the Outdoors

Growing interest in outdoor living spaces

As winter winds down, the Midwestern mind turns in one direction: outside. Even those of us who enjoy snowy weather eventually pine for longer days, budding plant life and meals cooked and enjoyed outdoors. Local landscape professionals note a growing interest in outdoor kitchens, fire pits and other elements that make the outdoors part of our homes. The American Institute of Architects reported last year that 70 percent of residential architects saw a growing interest in outdoor living spaces.