Managing mental health during the holidays

MADISON (WISC) - According to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), 64% of people who struggle with mental health report holidays make conditions worse. Counselors said this time of…

Police learn new ways to handle mental health calls

A task force created the United Way, law enforcement and local leaders of color put out a set of recommendations for police, Friday.The group wants to lead the nation in changing how police are trained, and how they interact with…

NRA says 4.2M Americans could lose gun rights

The Social Security Administration is developing a new policy to address the reporting of mentally incapacitated beneficiaries to the federal government's gun-purchase background check system, which could prevent more than 4 million Americans from buying a gun.

Changes could leave mentally disabled without place to work

Program directed to shift services from segregated to integrated

The smile on her face speaks volumes about what this means. Yael Kerzan has been working at Northwood Inc. of Wisconsin for eight years. While the products she works to package go out of the business every day -- her smile never leaves.

Officers prepare for mental illness in the field

Law enforcement trainer: 'They belong to somebody, and if they don't, they now belong to you.'

Recent incidents prompted law enforcement to once again reflect on the importance of training their forces for encounters with the mentally ill.

Non-criminal patients moved from Mendota

Space needed for criminal patients

Civil psychiatric patients have been discharged from Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison to free space for additional criminal patients.