Testing the waters: How groups monitor toxic algae in the absence of state testing

Toxic blue-green algae can sicken people and animals. Few states have routine testing programs to check for algae, so some local and volunteer groups are stepping in to fill that gap.

Eva Tesfaye Harvest Public Media Living on Lake Wawasee in northern Indiana, Cindy Peterson remembers it was once a sparkling clean lake. “In the spring, you can see the bottom. It’s perfectly clear, very few weeds, beautiful,” she said. “And…

Curiosity rover finds evidence of Mars' ancient salty lakes

Since it landed on Mars in 2012 NASA's Curiosity rover has been exploring Gale Crater, a vast, dry ancient lake bed with a mountain at its center. Now, Curiosity has found sediments containing sulfate salt in the crater, which suggest it once held salty lakes.

Skier Mikaela Shiffrin clinches historic win

She made her name as a slalom specialist but Mikaela Shiffrin won an historic super-G at Lake Louise Sunday to become the first skier to win races in all six World Cup disciplines.

Local agencies prepare lakes for winter

Dane County Land and Water Resources is preparing to transition local waterways into their winter season, lowering water levels and removing navigational buoys, among other things, according to a release. 

Writer calls for long-term thinking about water quality

The director of the University of Wisconsin–Madison's Center for Limnology is part of a research team that is trying to get a handle on the barriers and bridges to fixing the phosphorus problem and other freshwater challenges in the Madison area.