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Category 3 Humberto may swipe Bermuda Wednesday

Rain and strong winds from Hurricane Humberto were whipping Bermuda on Wednesday as the center of the second major Atlantic hurricane passed by. The Atlantic Ocean paradise rarely sees a storm this big and powerful.

Long Island City tries to move on after Amazon HQ2 debacle

If you walk around Long Island City on any given day, you'll see cranes everywhere and new apartment buildings popping up seemingly overnight. Improvements are being made to multiple subway stations. And new businesses are opening, including a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop and a dance studio for kids.

Tropical storm Humberto gets closer

Tropical Storm Humberto was dropping rain on the Bahamas' Abaco Islands as it began to crawl away Saturday evening, bringing the kind of stormy conditions the islands don't need after Hurricane Dorian ravaged them nearly two weeks ago.

Debris slowing Bahamas search efforts

Ravaged infrastructure slowed down search and recovery efforts in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian left behind a mess of splintered buildings, torn-off roofs, snapped power poles and scattered vehicles.

Bahamas' hurricane death toll is rising fast

Volunteers with search dogs continue to scour neighborhoods flattened by Hurricane Dorian, while global relief agencies are rushing to get food and shelter Saturday to some 70,000 people in the Bahamas left homeless on two northern islands.

Hundreds of stranded Bahamians look for a way out

Hundreds of people stranded on hurricane-ravaged Great Abaco in the Bahamas waited Friday for a way off the islands as the death toll rose to 43 and rescue and recovery crews arrived with body bags and coolers.