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Legislators Consider Concealed Carry Policies At Capitol

With the state's new concealed carry law set to take effect on Tuesday and Gov. Scott Walker poised to unveil his administration's policy, legislators sought to clarify their own stance in the area of the Capitol that they control. VIDEO: Watch The Report SURVEY: Do You Think Concealed Weapons Should Be Allowed In Capitol?

Democrats Rail Against Tax Enforcement Bill

Democratic lawmakers are railing against a Republican-backed bill that makes a number of changes related to tax enforcement procedures at the state Department of Revenue.The Republican-controlled Senate passed the bill Thursday with no Democratic support. The measure was introduced at…

Walker Launches New Website Touting Reforms

Gov. Scott Walker has launched a new website touting the results of reforms that he pushed this year, including his proposal taking away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most state workers.

Walker Signs Concealed Carry Bill

Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation on Friday that legalize carrying concealed weapons in Wisconsin. READ: Janesville Concealed-Carry Courses Filling Up READ: Web Training Could Suffice For Wisconsin Concealed Carry Law

Citizens Call For Boycott Of Walker Contributors

The fallout from Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill has shifted to the private sector as upset citizens begin boycotts of business owners who contributed money to the governor. VIDEO: Watch The Report

Reality Check: Public Employees' Contributions To Pensions

WISC-TV and Channel 3000 have received a number of e-mails from viewers about an article circulating online that claims state workers pay 100 percent into their pensions, while Gov. Scott Walker and others say they pay nothing. VIDEO: Watch The Report

Union Bill Clears Committee, State Senate To Consider Thursday

A bill eliminating most collective bargaining rights from nearly all Wisconsin public employees passed the Legislature's budget-writing committee just before midnight. VIDEO: Watch The Report VIDEO: Many Teachers Attend Protests At Capitol VIDEO: Political Observer Talks About Union Bill, Protests VIDEO: Governor Responds To Rallies Against Proposal VIDEO: Thousands Attend Second Day Of Rally UPLOAD: Share Photos Of Capitol Protest, Other Rallies SLIDESHOW: See Images Of Capitol Protest, Other Rallies (Vol. 1) SLIDESHOW: See Images Of Capitol Protest, Other Rallies (Vol. 2) SLIDESHOW: See Viewers' Photos Of Capitol Protest, Other Rallies