New ‘Brix Project’ highlights the importance of a local food ecosystem

Brix Cider’s three-year initiative will produce 12 original short films, as well as host screening events to showcase custom ciders, featured farmers and guest chefs.

Almost all of the food we eat — 80% of common grocery items, according to a recent report by The Guardian — is produced by a handful of conglomerates, and only 15 cents of every dollar we spend at the grocery store goes to the farmer. That’s not the case at Brix Cider in Mount Horeb, where owners Matt and Marie Raboin are working to disrupt the food ecosystem entirely. 

Schuster's Farm kicks off 28th fall season Saturday

What's new at the family-owned farm in 2021

DEERFIELD, Wis.-- Counting down the days 'til fall? While the season doesn't officially start until next week, Schuster's Farm is kicking things off this weekend, as it…

Record dairy prices help farmers make it through down years

Dairy farmers use profits from good years to improve efficiency

When dairy prices hit a record high this year Lloyd Holterman, a dairy farmer for 33 years, didn't get too excited. He's been in the business long enough to know that what goes up must come down.

Calif. drought could help Wis. farmers

Farmers: Livestock, food pantry aid won't do much good now

President Barack Obama announced help with millions of dollars in livestock and food pantry aid but California farmers say that help won't do them much good now.