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What should I do about PFAS in my water?

A consumer guide for dealing with harmful PFAS being detected nationwide, including Wisconsin.

If you’ve been hearing more about PFAS in Wisconsin waters, it’s because testing is increasingly detecting those harmful chemicals. As of Nov. 18, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was monitoring PFAS contamination at 91 sites from French Island in the west to Peshtigo in the east.

Bahamas schools damaged by hurricane

As unimaginable winds of up to 220 mph from Hurricane Dorian pushed the Atlantic Ocean into inland neighborhoods far from the seashore in parts of the Bahamas, homes and schools flooded beneath a wall of water more than 20 feet high.

Coal ash contaminating groundwater nationwide, groups say

Waste ash from hundreds of coal-fired power plants has contaminated groundwater in 39 states with toxic substances like arsenic, lithium and mercury, according to a report by two environmental groups that was based on data the plants reported to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

EPA unveils plan for non-stick chemicals

The Environmental Protection Agency's new plan for dealing with hazardous non-stick PFAS chemicals has advocates for safe drinking water asking: Why not do more, and why not act sooner?