How many miles per gallon does your home get?

Most home buyers focus on price and payments, however, factoring in a home's energy consumption costs could save tens of thousands of dollars over years of ownership. How many miles per gallon does your home get?

How to handle rising interest rates in 2018

Learn what the positive and negative effects are of the increasing interest rates expected this year that will affect a lot of your finances, including your credit card bill, car payment and home equity line of credit.

Should you refinance your mortgage?

Refinancing can be a good option for some homeowners, especially if their interest rate is higher than the current rate. Take a look at some reasons why you might want to consider refinancing your mortgage.

Why aren't some homeowners refinancing?

Millions of Americans haven?t refinanced their home mortgages, even when rates were at historical lows, a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research showed.