Alzheimer's care: Simple tips for daily tasks

Alzheimer's caregiving takes patience and flexibility. To reduce frustration, consider these tips for daily tasks — from limiting choices and reducing distractions to creating a safe environment.

Middle-aged men and melanoma risk

By 65, Caucasian men are reportedly twice as likely as women to get melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Learn more about melanoma and what factors increase your risk.

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Getting the right amount of calcium every day is important for keeping your bones healthy especially as you age. Learn how much you need and if you should be taking a calcium supplement. 

Avoid a hip replacement with this new procedure

More than 300,000 Americans receive a hip replacement each year. It's a major surgery that involves months of painful recovery, and there's no guarantee it will last forever. Fortunately, there's a new, less-invasive option that can reverse joint damage and allow patients to get back on their feet sooner! 

Protect thin skin with these tips

Fragile or thin skin that tears easily is a common problem in older adults. Protect thin skin and prevent tears and cuts with these five easy tips.