When to introduce tech to children

If you're a parent with a smartphone or tablet, it probably didn't take long before your little one first reached for your shiny device. But how young is too young to introduce your children to technology? Find out here.

3 ways to encourage your child to read

Reading helps instill an interest in learning, exercises the brain and improves concentration, critical thinking and vocabulary. Here are some tips to encourage your children to read more and enjoy it.

Time management: Why and how to teach your kid

Even adults struggle to manage their time but if you don't want your kid to struggle, here are some tips from the experts that will help you teach a kid about the importance of time and how to manage it. 

Good parents stay involved

It was easy to show up for your child's Little League games over the summer ... but how can you, as a parent, continue that level of involvement and support during the school year?

When should parents stop hovering?

While parental involvement is key to a child's success in school, at what point does a participating parent become a smother mother -- or father?