Marvel lifts its TV game to higher power for Disney+

Marvel is about to unleash what could be its biggest movie ever with "Avengers: Endgame," which, given the studio's track record, is no small feat. But after some hits and misfires, the upcoming launch of Disney+ suggests the company is about to lift its TV game to a higher power as well.

5 things to know about Disney+

Disney laid out its streaming strategy on Thursday in a nearly three-hour presentation during its Investor Day in Burbank, California.

Marvel spinoffs are coming to Disney+

Marvel Studios has created a blockbuster brand that's made $18.5 billion at the global box office. Now Marvel's universe of heroes are is heading to Disney+.

'Dumbo' gets Disney live-action parade off to high-flying start

"Dumbo" achieves a minor miracle, taking a challenging animated classic and completely refashioning it into an effective, often-charming live-action movie. Director Tim Burton seemed like an unorthodox choice for the assignment, but the lead entry in this year's Disney adaptation parade sets the bar nearly as high as an elephant's eye for "Aladdin" and "The Lion King."

Disney empire gets bigger, broader with Fox deal

Like any marriage, Disney and Fox will have to figure out how to mesh what each brings to their new union. It's just that the corporate wedding of Mickey Mouse's sprawling media empire and the entertainment assets that were built under Rupert Murdoch have $71 billion worth of stuff to combine.

How Netflix CEO aims to win streaming wars of 2019

Reed Hastings, Netflix's CEO, says the biggest challenge for the company in taking on new competitors — such as Disney, Apple and WarnerMedia — is to "not get too distracted" by the slew of new streaming services.

James Gunn rehired for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' sequel

Disney has reversed course on its next flight for "Guardians of the Galaxy," reinstating writer-director James Gunn to oversee the third movie, after firing him last year in the wake of learning about offensive social-media posts..