Anti-drunk driving advocate Jacqui Saburido dies

Jacqui Saburido, the woman whose disfigured face became a symbol of the dangers of drunk driving after she suffered horrific burns in a 1999 crash, has died, according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

World's oldest person dies at 117

In rapidly graying Japan, living till you're 100 is no longer a milestone for many: Miyako Chiyo, the oldest person in the country and world, died Sunday aged 117, according to the country's Health Ministry.

Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl dies

German statesman Helmut Kohl, the architect of German reunification after the end of the Cold War, has died, his Christian Democratic Union party announced Friday. He was 87.

Cancer research gave woman the gift of one last summer

When Rich Valenta looks out over the lake in front of his cottage and feels the peace it brings, he understands the value and importance of cancer research. That research bought his wife of 30 years one last summer of knowing the same peace.

Zoo's polar bear dies, officials say

Vilas: Mishka, 30, euthanized due to health problems

A 30-year-old female polar bear at Madison's Henry Vilas Zoo recently died, according to zoo officials.