Madison-area businessman convicted of bank fraud scheme

DOJ: Christian Peterson found guilty of 8 of 13 counts

A Madison-area businessman was convicted Thursday of a financial fraud scheme including bank fraud, making false statements and money laundering, according to a state Department of Justice release.

Mistake on criminal record makes man drug dealer

For the last eight years, Beau Tiffany would open letter after letter and email after email from human resources departments around Wisconsin and wonders why he could not find a decent job. He has a college degree in marketing and communications, solid references, and spent countless hours polishing up his resume.

State asks for delay in union lawsuit

The state Department of Justice is asking that consideration of a lawsuit filed by a law enforcement union challenging the constitutionality of the Wisconsin law effectively ending collective bargaining for most public workers be delayed.

Swabbing before conviction upheld by Supreme Court

U.S. high justices' DNA collection call in line with state proposal

If new rules are approved by the legislature, officers and deputies would be able to swab people for DNA upon arrest of a felony, and anyone convicted of a misdemeanor would go into the DNA database.