Donna's cranberry sauce with apricots, raisins and orange

This recipe was shared with me by Lynn Erbach. It is her family's favorite Thanksgiving recipe. Try it and it may be your favorite too. To save a few calories, I adapted it by using part Splenda. It can be kept in the refrigerator for more than a week. It can also be frozen.

Donna's cranberry walnut pie

This is similar to a pecan pie but the cranberries and walnuts add a whole new dimension. It has more color, more flavor but less calories. What a treat!

Donna's Banana Cranberry Nut Bread

Enjoy the wonderful flavor of this moist banana bread with fresh cranberries. It is lower in fat and calories than breads made from traditional recipes.

Donna's Cranberry Nut Cake

This dessert has a just a hint of sweetness, balanced by the tartness of the cranberries. The nuts add the crunch. The almond flavoring adds the final touch.

Apple Cranberry Crostata

This is such an attractive dessert that your guests will think you went to a lot of work but it is really simple to prepare.