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How to financially prepare for being laid off

Sometimes, there are warning signs that you are in danger of being laid off -- a buyout of your company, a merger or a strategic change in direction. Other times, the cuts come without warning. But while being laid off is not in your control, being financially prepared for such an event is.

Five takeaways from Democrats' 2020 fundraising

Former Vice President Joe Biden is running low on money. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are riding waves of small donations. Billionaire Tom Steyer plowed eye-popping sums into his presidential campaign. And one White House contender reported raising just $5 during an entire three-month period. That's not a typo: yes, $5.

NYT: Possible first criminal case in space

NASA is examining a claim that an astronaut improperly accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse from the International Space Station, The New York Times reported Friday -- potentially the first criminal allegation from space.

Startup Aspiration takes on big banks

An online bank backed by Leonardo DiCaprio is luring hundreds of thousands of Wells Fargo's customers by promising to be the opposite of the scandal-tarred big bank.

Facebook unveils digital currency project

For the last year, Facebook has been signaling it wants in on the cryptocurrency phenomenon. At its F8 developers conference last month, cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he wants to make sending money as easy as sending a photo: digital, immediate, free and secure.