8 takeaways from the November Democratic debate

Democratic voters are overwhelmingly focused on finding a candidate they believe can beat President Donald Trump. In Wednesday night's debate, the party's leading contenders offered their clea

7 takeaways from the Democratic debate's first night

A handful of low-polling moderates hoped to break through in a crowded Democratic field during Tuesday's debate by confronting the top-tier candidates on stage, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

NH senator calls on 2020 Dems to support repeal of voter law

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-New Hampshire, plans to send 2020 Democratic presidential candidates a letter Monday, urging them to sign a petition condemning a state law that would require college students to be a permanent resident of the state to vote.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren releases 2018 tax returns

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday released her 2018 tax returns, laying bare a key financial record the Democratic Party has made a political issue since President Donald Trump took the unusual step of withholding his own tax returns.

Democratic contenders step up calls for gun control

As the nation once again grappled with the tragedy and shock of another workplace shooting rampage, the 2020 Democratic candidates decried the failure of Congress to move gun control legislation — calling for immediate action to keep Americans safe.

Democrats are rejecting corporate PACs

When former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly announced his bid for the US Senate on Tuesday, he did what an increasing number of Democratic candidates have done recently: He swore off donations from corporate PACs.

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates square off in debate

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Rock County Circuit Judge James Daley says in a debate that his opponent Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is an activist judge who puts her "own brand of liberal, extreme political beliefs" above the law and common sense.

Madison mayor candidates tackle downtown issues

With incumbent Mayor Paul Soglin away on the East Coast on city business, his opponents took the podium at the Concourse Hotel Thursday night. The forum was focused on issues in downtown Madison.

Current redistricting system is broken, unfair

The drumbeat for reform of the redistricting process in Wisconsin has certainly grown. At the urging of as many as eight editorial boards across Wisconsin, good government groups have gotten support and citizens have raised their voices.

Democratic candidates for AG differ on drunken driving laws

The three democratic candidates for attorney general squared off in a debate Tuesday at the University of Wisconsin Law School, and shared their views on drunken driving laws, marijuana legalization and whether they'd choose to defend the state's same-sex marriage ban.