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Review: Concert shows why we love Gershwin tunes

The Madison Symphony Orchestra ends its concert season this weekend with an all-Gershwin program that will go down easily as the best of season and one of the best of director John DeMain's tenure.

Wineke: Day Of Unity Sadly Shortlived

Now that the 10th anniversary of 9/11 has come and gone, Channel 3000 columnist Bill Wineke says politicians will just go back to fighting their petty games.

Wineke: Holding On To Hope

Channel 3000 columnist Bill Wineke believes principles such as compromise and civility that President Barack Obama champions will succeed because they are the right principles.

Wineke: The Real 'Job Creators'

Channel 3000 columnist Bill Wineke says that despite what Republicans suggest, being rich doesn't necessarily make someone a "job creator," and the country's public policy debate should be based in reality over rhetoric.