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Forbes ranks highest paid TV hosts

Forbes ranked the 10 highest paid television hosts in the world between June 1, 2016, and June 1, 2017. According to Forbes, the figures are based on NPD Bookscan and IMDB data, plus interviews with agents, managers, publicists, producers and lawyers.

At Fox News, fear and silence amid O'Reilly controversy

There are women at Fox News who want to speak up. But they're afraid. They've seen other women stand up for themselves -- against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, against host Bill O'Reilly -- and lose their jobs as a result. Meanwhile, they've seen those men defended and handsomely compensated by the company.

Fox News hit with new Ailes harassment suit

Still reeling from a bombshell report about its biggest star, Fox News on Monday was hit with a lawsuit filed by a contributor who accuses the network's founder, Roger Ailes, of sexual harassment.