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Farmers skeptical of Trump's $50 billion China promise

President Donald Trump says the Chinese will buy $50 billion worth of farm products as part of a phase one deal struck last week, but that would mean China would have to double the amount it bought from US farmers before the trade war started.

China exempts US soybeans and pork from tariffs

China will exempt American soybeans and pork from its latest round of tariffs, in what appears to be another move to ease tensions between the countries as they prepare for a new round of trade talks.

China doesn't need US soybeans, thanks to Richard Nixon

President Donald Trump is upset with China for buying Brazilian soybeans instead of American ones amid the ongoing trade war, but the South American industry got its start thanks to an earlier round of protectionist policies under President Richard Nixon.

Trump complains China isn't buying US agricultural products

President Donald Trump complained on Thursday that China hasn't yet begun purchasing US agricultural products -- a sign that some of the commitments he believed were made with Chinese President Xi Jinping last month weren't as solid as advertised.