Crocs releases shoe with little fanny packs

Crocs know they're ugly, as much as any shoe can know anything. If any shoe were to ever achieve reflexive self-consciousness, it would be a Croc, so that it could marvel in the true depths of its own ... individuality.

Vans releases new collection inspired by David Bowie

It's impossible to divorce the late David Bowie's music from his idiosyncratic style. Now, skateboarding brand Vans has paid tribute to the singer, who died in 2016 with a capsule shoe and clothing collection inspired by his many style reinventions.

Students break into West High School, steal apparel

Teens: Other students posted about getting into school after hours on Facebook

Two 16-year-old boys told police they got into West High School and took school apparel after seeing on Facebook that other students had done it, according to a release.

Experts warn of NCAA ticket, product scams

BBB: Ask questions about products, use credit card for insurance

As the Wisconsin men's basketball team heads to the Final Four, consumer experts want fans to be cautious when buying tickets or even spirit gear.