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It's National Black Cat Day!

Black cats get a bad rap, especially during Halloween season, when they're associated with witches and other scary things that go bump in the night.

Chicago businesses help during teacher strike

About 25,000 educators are on strike in Chicago, forcing the country's third biggest school district to cancel classes and leaving about 300,000 students and their families to figure out where they will go. Many Chicago children depend on the breakfast and lunch provided at school as two of their daily meals.

Florida seeks shelter for 400 animals as Dorian nears

A Florida wildlife refuge is seeking foster homes for about 400 animals as Hurricane Dorian inches closer. Some of the animals that don't get a place to shelter will be sent back into the wild, CNN affiliate WFOR reported.

Why you can't miss Puppy Bowl 2019

At any given moment, Dan Schachner, who has been refereeing the Puppy Bowl for eight years, can be found buried under a pile of puppies or shouting encouragement like, "Amazing work, Pi

Why animals are not the perfect holiday gift

With the festive season upon us, people are brainstorming for the perfect gift. The comfort and joy of a pet may seem like a great option, but global animal shelters and animal welfare organizations discourage giving animals.