2019 new zealand mosque shootings

Christchurch shooting suspect sends letter from prison

New Zealand's prison authority has acknowledged it made a mistake in allowing the alleged Christchurch mosque attacker to send a letter, which then surfaced on 4chan, an online message board known for hosting the views of white supremacists.

New Zealand gun owners ditch 10,000 guns

More than 10,000 firearms have been voluntarily surrendered to authorities in New Zealand as part of a buyback scheme that was introduced after the country's worst mass shooting in modern history.

200 Christchurch survivors perform Haaj

When 31-year-old Maryam Gul laid eyes on the Kaaba this week, it was a moment of complete peace. The cube-shaped structure, and most sacred shrine of Islam, felt a world away from the Linwood mosque at Christchurch, New Zealand where her mother, father and brother were fatally gunned down earlier this year.

8chan goes offline after Cloudflare pulls support

8chan, the internet message board notorious for serving as a home to racist and misogynist content, was struggling to get back online Monday in the wake of what authorities believe was its use by the suspected gunman in the El Paso shooting to post a white nationalist manifesto.

Christchurch mosque shooter faces terrorism charge

The man accused of killing 51 worshipers at two Christchurch mosques has been charged by New Zealand police with engaging in a "terrorist act," the first time such a charge has been laid inside the country.

Facebook, Google and Twitter sign pledge to combat online extremism

A group of tech companies that control some of the world's largest online platforms have signed on to a new pledge to work more with governments and each other to combat the threat of violent extremism on the internet two months after a live-streamed mass shooting in New Zealand.