Suspected graffiti artist attacks employees, police say

Police: 7 buildings tagged
Suspected graffiti artist attacks employees, police say
Dustin Bredlaw

Three employees of State Street businesses were attacked after one of them confronted a man suspected of tagging several buildings with graffiti.

Police said an employee of Osaka Lounge in the 500 block of State Street noticed a man leaving purple graffiti on Pipefitters Monday night and confronted the man, who tried to punch him. Two employees of Soga Restaurant came to help, and one got kicked and the other punched in the process of holding the man until officers arrived.

“The suspect begins swinging at the victim, trying to punch him,” Madison Police Department spokesman Joel DeSpain said. “Two more employees from a nearby restaurant come out. Eventually one of them is kicked by the suspect and another is punched, and eventually they tackle him until police get there a few minutes later.”

Officers said they found seven buildings tagged with purple spray paint.

Dustin J. Bredlau, 31, was arrested on suspicion of seven counts of graffiti, two counts of disorderly conduct, felony bail jumping and on a warrant.

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