Suspect allegedly stole guns, had met victim beforehand in armed robbery

Andres Urbina

DUNKIRK, Wis. – A man who allegedly stole guns in an armed robbery met the victim multiple times beforehand, according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint alleges that Andres Urbina, 19, of Madison, and another suspect held two people at gunpoint in a Dunkirk home before stealing two guns.

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The complaint alleges that Urbina and the other suspect went to a home in the 90 block of Taylor Lane on December 22.

Urbina reportedly knew one of the residents, and he and the other suspect were invited inside.

Upon entering the home, the unidentified suspect allegedly threatened the residents with a handgun. Urbina and his accomplice then allegedly forced the two victims to lay down on the floor and covered them with blankets.

Both suspects then allegedly demanded to know where the victims’ guns were located.

A 30-06 rifle and a 22 caliber pistol were allegedly stolen and a television was allegedly damaged.

According to the complaint, Urbina was arrested during a no-knock search of his house on the same day as the alleged robbery.

Detectives reportedly questioned Urbina, and he allegedly admitted to having the victims’ rifle in his possession. However, he allegedly said that one of the victims had loaned the gun to him.

Urbina allegedly claimed that he and one of the victims had shot a few rounds in the victims’ backyard on December 21.

He also allegedly claimed that he and one of the victims had known each other for a long time and that the victims were making the robbery up.

One of the victims reportedly told detectives that he had only met Urbina a few times before the alleged robbery, and didn’t even know Urbina’s last name.

Urbina faces charges of armed robbery with use of force, and felony bail jumping. On November 17 he was charged with fleeing an officer,

In a court appearance Monday, the Court entered Not Guilty pleas for any misdemeanor counts against him. His bond was set at $10,000.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 4.