Surveillance shows possible suspect in American flag burning incident

Photo shows suspect at Winona crime scene
Surveillance shows possible suspect in American flag burning incident

After recent reports of someone burning American Flags outside residents’ homes, Winona police and the community are one step closer to finding a suspect.

Police and Winona City Council members held a public meeting Thursday to talk with residents about what is happening. The meetings are a result of more than a dozen reports of American flags being burnt outside people’s homes, all happening on the west side of Winona.

Police have a lead in case thanks a photo pulled from surveillance video of a potential suspect at the scene of one of the crimes.

“What his intent was really wasn’t clear, but he did grab on to the flag, was bending the pole over and certainly someone we want to talk to,” said Chief Paul Bostrack.

Whether they have had their flags burned or not, residents want answers and most of all want to feel safe in their own home.

“My house, I feel secure, but if somebody does arson, or is hurting my family, or something like that, or even burning the American flag, I’ve served and my son is serving right now ,it  just irritates me,” said Winona resident Art Niemi.

If you have any information on the crime, or see something suspicious going on in your neighborhood that you think might be related, police are asking to you call 911 or Winona Police Department at 507-457-6492