‘Super bizarre’ pair of Madison break-ins leave neighbors stunned

MADISON, Wis. — A pair of bizarre stories with similar plots took place over the weekend in Madison.

Madison police officers arrested two different men who they say were both caught entering two separate homes and found sleeping on the victims’ couches.

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One incident was Saturday afternoon on Darbo Drive, while the other happened early Monday morning on Williamson Street.

Eleanor Ceasar couldn’t believe her ears when she found out what had happened right by her mother’s home on Darbo Drive.

“It’s just a story you would think someone is not telling the truth. Like what happened to you,” Ceasar said.

On Saturday around 2 p.m., a couple reported that a man had broken into their place on Darbo Drive. While inside their home, the suspect allegedly made a mess of their home, showered, tried on their clothes and was found sleeping on their couch.

“It’s like something you read out of a book! Super super bizarre, super mouth dropping for sure,” Ceasar said.,

Then at around 2 a.m. Monday, another victim called police to say they found a man sitting on their couch on Williamson Street.

“I’d be super scared, like you are supposed to feel safe in your home and then feel comfortable enough to go to sleep,” Ceaser said.

Two different stories with similar plots ended in justice, but it certainly has neighbors uneasy.

“It makes me wonder and be scared because they are just randomly out here doing that,” Ceaser said.