SUNSPOT’S 6-in-1 Tour Covers the Midwest in Just One Day

SUNSPOT’S 6-in-1 Tour Covers the Midwest in Just One Day

The ever effervescent local music group Sunspot will set some kind of record in some kind of record book this Saturday, September 21, when the group performs in six different states in twenty-four hours. If you think that sounds impossible, here’s the itinerary and a map of the route):

7:00 AM – WISCONSIN – La Crosse – Atop Grand Dad Bluff at sunrise

8:30 AM – MINNESOTA – Winona – Winona Farmers Market

12:00 PM – IOWA – Dubuque – Fenelon Place Elevator – performance at top, with view of 3 states

6:45 PM – MICHIGAN – Sawyer – Sand Dunes at Warren Dunes State Park at sunset

8:00 PM – INDIANA – Michigan City – Lighthouse at Washington Park on Lake Michigan

10:30 PM – ILLINOIS – Chicago – Cloud Gate (“The Bean”) at Millenium Park :

The band will be performing acoustic arrangements of songs from their new EP Arthuriana at each tour stop. Everything will be broadcast live, and during the drive time the band will be interacting with people over a live Internet feed from within their van. The live show broadcasts and van-time feeds will launch Saturday morning at

“Staying on schedule and keeping the stops streamlined will be a huge challenge,” says the band’s drummer/vocalist Wendy Lynn Staats. “We’ll have the instruments in the back of the van, minimally packed up and ready to go so that, when we arrive at each location, we can jump out, grab the instruments, and get to playing as quickly as possible. This week we’ll be doing some ‘time trials’ to see how quickly we can do this and get a little practice so we’re ready for action!”

The band also consists of Mike Huberty on bass and vocals and Ben Jaeger on guitar and vocals.

Sunspot will have a link a download for the new EP at and

Sunspot, who are multiple MAMA award winners, are anything but novices when it comes to putting the show in show business. They are also no strangers to touring, as the band logs thousands of miles each year building up a following across the nation. Their “Sunspot Road Mania” podcast began in 2005  and has amassed more than 200 episodes. The podcast has brought fans to venues, recording studios, conventions and festivals in cities all across the country, sharing both the gritty details and fun quirks of being in a rock band on the road.

After returning from the tour, Sunspot will perform on Sunday, September 22, at the Majestic in Madison as tour support for Andrew W K.