Sunburst chairs at Memorial Union Terrace packed up for the season

MADISON, Wis. — The Sunburst chairs at the Wisconsin Union’s Memorial Union Terrace are leaving the space until next spring.

The removal of the Terrace chairs on Monday morning marks the end of Memorial Union’s warm weather programming, including free and low-cost live music, art activities, film showings, and seasonal dining options.

The Wisconsin Union will continue to provide non-profit learning opportunities and experiences through the winter season.

Activities, events, and services this winter include free film showings at the Marquee in Union South; free and low-cost live music at Memorial Union and Union South; free and low-cost art activities at Wheelhouse Studios in Memorial Union; and dining options.

Memorial Union staff will be packing its 2,000 green, yellow and orange chairs and moving them into storage throughout the day on Monday and potentially into the coming week. The chairs have been on the terrace since mid-April.