Sun Prairie School District Holds Classes Monday

Most places were closed Monday, but a handful of school districts opened to give students a jumpstart on their education.

Students in the Sun Prairie School District had their first day back to school after break, attending a full day of class Monday before getting home to watch the Rose Bowl.

District leaders said the Jan. 2 start date was put in place years in advance, back when the current contract was approved years ago.

“We actually negotiated this school year calendar back when they did the 2009-2011 contract,” said Annette Mikula, executive director of human resources for the school district. “So, three school years ago, we created this contract, not knowing at that time obviously that Wisconsin would be in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 2.”

The district said many afterschool programs were rescheduled to accommodate those hoping to make plans for the game.

“And we have had parents comment about it being a legal holiday,” said Mikula. “We do have school on legal holidays. We go to school Columbus Day. We go to school on President’s Day, so legal holidays typically don’t drive our school breaks.”

For students in the district, the early start means that classes will end earlier for the summer.