Sun Prairie Police Warn Of Phone Scam

The Sun Prairie Police Department is warning residents about a phone scam in which a caller claims to be a city of Sun Prairie employee.

Sun Prairie police said they were notified by a resident that on Sunday they received a phone call from a man who identified himself as “Bill” calling from the city of Sun Prairie.

The citizen said the man said he was collecting unpaid parking fines over the phone and that the citizen could pay using a credit card.

The citizen ultimately hung up on the caller without giving him any personal information or a credit card number.

Police said the citizen also reported that the caller ID for “Bill” was 837-2511, which is the Sun Prairie Clerk’s Office number.

Police said the Clerk’s Office lines were checked and there were no outgoing calls on Sunday for any of the lines assigned to the Clerk’s Office.

For this reason, police said they believe the link the man called from was masked with the clerk’s office number.

Police said the clerk’s office doesn’t take payment for unpaid citations — the Sun Prairie Police Department does. The police department does not, and has never, used phone calls as a way of collecting unpaid fines, police said.

Any similar incidents should be reported to the Sun Prairie Police Department at 608-837-7336.