Sun Prairie football team returns to state for first time since 1995

Sun Prairie faces Hartland Arrowhead Friday
Sun Prairie football team returns to state for first time since 1995

For the first time in 17 years, Sun Prairie is in the WIAA Division 1 state football championship game.

Sun Prairie will face Hartland Arrowhead at 4 p.m. Friday at Camp Randall Stadium.

“It’s been a really great ride, and I don’t know if you ever expect to get there, but we are there and we are sure happy about it,” said head coach Brian Kaminski.

The 2012 Sun Prairie football team’s undefeated dream season will conclude Friday night under the Camp Randall lights.

“We get to play on that field. We cannot wait,” said junior quarterback Ryan Curran.

The last time Sun Prairie was in a state championship game was in November 1995, the same year that Curran was born.

“Seventeen years is a long time, and our community hasn’t a state title since then. Football is the hardest sport to get to state and everything has to go right and everything has,” said Curran.

University of Wisconsin recruit and junior defensive lineman Craig Evans said, “It’s kind of exciting to know that it was won the year I was born, and we are trying to make a statement in 2012 and recap what they did.”

“I was actually sitting in a dorm room. I didn’t know anything about Sun Prairie. I flipped on the state title game and thought, ‘Holy cow, this game is in the snow,'” Kaminski said.


The 1995 Cardinals beat Kenosha Tremper 13-7 in the Division 1 state title game that has been dubbed the snow bowl. Mike Hahn was the head coach at the time and now his son in law is leading the charge.

“Trust me, I have heard a lot about it,” Kaminski said. “In the second half we went from turf shoes to cleat shoes, and they claim that was the difference. And coach Hahn, who I keep in touch with because he is my father in law, he is like, ‘You better make sure you have good shoes Friday night because you never know and it brings you good luck.'”