Student gets stolen bike back

Man faces charges for allegedly beating another man unconscious
Keith Jones

A University of Wisconsin student will get his stolen $700 bicycle back after police were able to track it by using the bike’s serial number.

Madison police said the 28-year-old student locked his bike at a Henry Hall rack on May 7, and when he returned from class his lock was there but his bike was gone.

Officers said they used a tracking service to find the bike at Pawn America and learned that it was sold for $300 on May 8 by a 47-year-old Richland Center man.

Police said they found the man, Keith A. Jones, already in the Dane County Jail on other charges. Jones told police he sold the bike, but didn’t steal it. He said he was offered a cut of the sale price if he sold it for a group of other men.

Jones was arrested on suspicion of theft.