Strawberry farm implements new social distancing measures as it prepares for busy picking season

Furger Family Farms anticipates busy picking season as people anxious to get out of their homes

LODI, Wis. — Many people have continued to express some hesitation with going out, even as places begin to reopen. But Jim Furger, owner of Furger Family Farms, said strawberry picking is something everyone can do without worrying about their health and safety this summer.

Furger said he is doing “whatever it takes to keep people safe.” Furger said he is implementing new social distancing guidelines for visitors who come pick strawberries this season.

Visitors will be asked to pick their strawberries at every other row to maintain a good social distance and anyone in the same row as someone else is asked to stay at least six feet apart the whole time. Furger said he will also be doubling up on hand washing stations throughout the farm, handing out different sizes of single use cardboard flats to collect strawberries in and will be offering curbside pickup this year.

“They can just drive up, we will have an employee bring them and put them in the back of their car, kind of like they do with their groceries,” Furger said.

Furger said he’s been keeping a close eye on strawberry farms in southern states to see how their seasons have gone. Furger said, “Every single one of them have said that their business has been extremely busier than a normal year. Furger attributes that to people wanting to get out after being stuck in their homes for so long.

With his anticipation of a busy season, Furger is asking those who visit his farm to follow social distancing guidelines and have fun.

“I’m excited about the upcoming season and people have supported us very well in the past and we hope that we can continue to support them and offer them a great experience and some great berries,” he said.

Furger said he plans to open his farm up to visitors mid-June. The weather could play a factor into opening slightly earlier or later. For an exact opening date, you can follow the Furger Family Farm Facebook page.