Stomach cancer research needs to have higher awareness

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I had a good friend die of stomach cancer a few years ago, and I guess I just focused more on the loss of my friend than I did the cause of his death. But another good friend, and shirt-tail relative, Sheree Paradise, contacted me recently to draw my attention to November as Stomach Cancer Awareness Month.

Sheree’s dad has been living with stomach cancer for three years! And suddenly I realized I have to join the effort to raise awareness.

Stomach cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths, behind lung cancer and liver cancer. Bet you didn’t know that. It remains unfamiliar, and hence under-funded. And Sheree’s dad is proof of the importance of research and new treatments. I wonder how my friend would have done if they’d been available to him?

It’s time to add stomach cancer to those with high profiles and recognizable research needs. I urge you to visit for more invitation. Do it this month.