Stepfather: Jakubowski ‘as dangerous as they say he is’

The stepfather of the Janesville man who is the focus a nationwide manhunt told News 3 his stepson is dangerous.

Police have been searching for Joseph Jakubowski, 32, since Tuesday night, when the Armageddon gun shop in Janesville was broken into and 16 firearms were stolen. A vehicle registered to Jakubowski was found less than a half-hour later burned, and Jakubowski is a suspect in both crimes, officials said.

Stepfather: Jakubowski ‘as dangerous as they say he is’

Don McLean, Jakubowski’s stepfather, told News 3 Monday that his stepson is “as dangerous as they say he is.”

McLean said the family wants Jakubowski “to do the right thing and give himself up. Just don’t do whatever this plan is.” McLean said Jakubowski’s mother is distraught.

Janesville Police Chief David Moore and Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said the 161-page manifesto, handwritten by Jakubowski, is more focused on issues with religious institutions and government positions of authority than schools, but patrols will continue in all of those locations in Rock County.

“I can tell you the fact that he speaks of causing a revolution, to us, suggests that it’s a larger and broader plan than something local,” Moore said.

Authorities said they believe when they find Jakubowski, it will be because of a community tip.

“It’s difficult to disappear,” Moore said. “I think that speaks to the plan that this suspect had, because it’s just plain difficult in this technological age to disappear. And he has done so so far.”

Stepfather: Jakubowski ‘as dangerous as they say he is’

Monday night, officials released photos of several tattoos Jakubowski has on his arms and hand.

Investigators received an additional 150 tips and leads Monday, bringing the total number to more than 500. Officials are still investigating 100 of those tips, Spoden said.

Stepfather: Jakubowski ‘as dangerous as they say he is’