Stella’s to sell ‘EXTRA hot & spicy cheese bread,’ pepper-infused pies this weekend

The Madison bakery is launching several new products for International Hot & Spicy food day

MADISON, Wis.– When you hear the phrase ‘hot & spicy,’ it’s usually followed by ‘cheese bread’ here in south-central Wisconsin. Madison-based Stella’s Bakery is crediting with creating the product, which has become a farmers’ market staple for many families.

This weekend, Stella’s is launching three new products to celebrate International Hot & Spicy Food Day on Jan. 16.

The bakery will sell a kicked-up version of its hot & spicy cheese bread this Saturday, made with habanero pepper flakes and habanero/ghost pepper cheese.

Stella’s is also debuting two new pies: a green chili apple pie, with cheddar cheese baked on top, and a Mexican chocolate pie, infused with cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

“Sometimes you’ll make something and it’ll take three or four tries to get right,” Jason Harder, head baker at Stella’s, said of his methodology. “Other times, you try it and it tastes perfect, so you’re good on the first try.”

And because this is Wisconsin, the bakery is also partnering with Karben4 to offer several unique food/drink pairings. The brewing company will be selling its beer outside Stella’s from 9 a.m. until noon Jan. 16.

If you’re looking for a reason to justify your indulgence, the new offerings are not only cheesy, but charitable: both Stella’s and Karben4 will donate $2 from every purchase to the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County.