State senator calls for Scott Fitzgerald to resign, citing frustration with lack of Covid-19 legislation

state capitol dome

MADISON, Wis. — State senator Tim Carpenter released a statement on Wednesday calling for Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald to resign, citing frustration with the state senate’s lack of Covid-19 or unemployment-related legislation.

“Wisconsin is in a full blown public health crisis, with our state currently ranking in the top three worst states for COVID-19,” Carpenter said. “We are facing the worst public health crisis since 1918 and the Legislature has no scheduled meetings.”

The Democratic state senator said the pandemic will only get worse and that as cases rise Wisconsin’s health care delivery systems could be overwhelmed.

“The Republican-controlled Legislature has done nothing for over 170 days, failing to convene to pass any legislation to combat COVID-19 or the ongoing unemployment crisis,” Carpenter said. “Senator Fitzgerald admitted that the Republicans don’t have a COVID-19 plan, even while they constantly criticize Governor Evers’ public health plans.”

Carpenter said Fitzgerald should step down and urged  the legislature to convene in committees and session to pass Covid-19 legislation.