State fair rides inspected for safety before opening

Wisconsin State Fair to add metal detectors at entry gates
Wisconsin State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair kicks off Thursday, but inspection crews were hard at work this week making sure all rides are safe.

Three inspectors were in West Allis from Seattle. They monitored each phase of each ride’s setup.

Last year, the ride Stratosphere stopped working a couple of times, leaving riders stranded for up to 20 minutes.

This year, inspectors are stressing the safety record of amusement parks.

“We are second to the airline industry for moving passengers, and we have a tremendous record. In consumer product safety one year, our hazard was placed between toasters and aquariums as far as hazard, so we’re really low on the list,” said Joe Bixler, with International Leisure Consulting Inc.

Stratosphere will not be at the state fair this year because the owner sold the ride to someone overseas.

The fair goes through Aug. 11.