SSM Health: Environmental factors often overlooked when it comes to children’s health

MADISON, Wis. — From annual exams to water and air quality, there are a number of factors that impact a child’s health. As families focus on making sure they’re developing healthy habits, it’s the environmental impacts that are often overlooked, and SSSM Health’s Chief Nursing Executive Veronica Scott-Fulton wants to stress what you can control.

“Some of the things going on in the community, we feel like we do not have any control over, “says Scott-Fulton. “Yes you do. You do need to make sure you’re involved. You know what’s around you. You know what stores are coming. We just need to make sure that we know what’s coming into our community that’s going to affect not only our kids, but their health.”

Scott-Fulton notes that families should be aware of common household issues, such as lead paint, radon, or water contaminants, but also encourages making sure your home has good air circulation as allergens or particles in the air can lead to asthma or trigger an attack. She also says that while you may not be able to control things like water and air quality, you can control your family’s access to safe outdoor spaces, and the time you spend together as family connection is essential to a child’s physical and social development.

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