South side nonprofit day care center looks to rebrand

Two information sessions to be held this week
South side nonprofit day care center looks to rebrand

Child development Inc. has struggled to keep its doors open in the past, but now they say they are ready for a new start. This summer they will go through a complete redevelopment, and are asking for the community’s support to make it happen.

“The alternative for families who don’t have access to quality early childhood care is they keep them at home,” said Kaleem Caire, a consultant for Child Development Inc.

The nonprofit day care center on Madison’s south side is looking to reinvent themselves with a new name, remodeled building, along with an increased staff and educational resources.

“There is just not enough quality child care options in south Madison. So, this center which is at risk for closing; that was the other alternative, to close it down and we said, ‘No, we can’t do that because then where do families in this community send their children?’ So let’s step in and let’s make it better,” said Caire.

Last August, Madison’s City Council approved $34,000 in emergency funds to save the building from immediate closure. Now, members said it’s time to rebrand and improve their current building in order to become a better resource for families in the community.

“Our focus is really getting kids ready for school, so that they are exceeding by the time that they get there. That’s going to require some intense focus on their education development,” Caire said.

However, Caire admits that recreating their image will not be cheap.

“We need to fix the playground, we need to fix the exteriors, it needs to be a place where you walk in and you’re like; whoa, I would want to send my child, I want to come here,” Caire said.

The center is looking to raise $275,000  in a matter of months before they reopen in the fall, but said the finished product  will be worth the cost.

“Each time you come here you should notice that there is a major difference to this center. We are going to reorganize it. So we are going to keep the same 501(c)3, the same legal status, but everything about this going to be very different.”

CDI said they would also like to expand in the next seven years with 10 locations across Dane County. They will hold two information sessions for the public this Monday and Tuesday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 2019 Fisher St. The sessions will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.