Solution for rust-spotted knives disappoints

Solution for rust-spotted knives disappoints

I’m not sure how my steak knives got a couple of little rust spots on them, but I noticed it about a week ago. Three of my knives had a couple tiny rust spots and one had just one small spot. I don’t put them in the dishwasher and I clean them with regular dish soap, so I’m not sure why they have started rusting. I’m also not sure if it will get worse and I’ll have to replace my knives, but I figured I’d look into a DIY fix to try and get rid of the spots.

A post I found on Pinterest made getting rid of these small spots sound way too easy. It said to soak the knives in lemon juice for a couple minutes and then use a scrubby sponge to scrub away the spot. I didn’t know what “a couple minutes” meant so I tried a couple different times.

After about two minutes I pulled one of the knives out, but I was not able to scrub away the spot. The same thing goes for the times I waited about five minutes and a little more than 10 minutes. I used a generic green sponge with a scrubby side, and after waiting for the knives to soak in the lemon juice for 10 minutes I really went at it with the scrubby. But four of my steak knives still have little rust spots on them.

Pinterest do or don’t? This DIY suggestion was a waste of time and lemon juice. The lemon juice and scrubby didn’t do anything to get rid of the small rust spots on my knives. Do you have suggestions for getting rid of or preventing small rust spots on knives? Send them my way!